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    Traditional Design! Certified Lead Free Package Contents: Neti Pot 20 Saline Packets Instructions (read before use!) A natural aid for nasal and sinus health Helps clear nasal passage and provides relief from symptoms associated with... Allergies Dry air Sinus infections Post-nasal drip What is a Neti Pot? The ancient concept of Jala Neti (nasal washing) has been practiced for hundreds of years and is widely recommended worldwide by yoga instructors, ayurvedic practitioners, and even doctors of modern medicine. A Neti Pot is often used to perform this cleansing process. Rinsing the nose with saline solution has been proven to provide relief from symptoms of many uncomfortable sinus and nasal conditions including allergies, colds, sinus infections, dry air, and post-nasal drip. How does it work? The Neti Pot is filled with warm saline solution which is then poured into one nostril. Gravity will make the saline solution flow through the nasal cavities and proceed out the other nostril - the nose is washed! Who can use a Neti Pot? A Neti Pot is safe for both children and adults, including pregnant and nursing mothers. Squip saline packets contain only the finest salt - 99.99% pure! Weight (lbs): 1.00






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