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    64 oz


    Based on plant and mineral ingredients using the power of nature. Whitens whites. Brightens colors. 1. Color safe. 2. Deodorizes. 3. Removes tough stains. Ecover, because you care. Ecover has dedicated over 20 years in the development of products which use the inherent power of natural plant and mineral ingredients to bring you effective, safe washing and cleaning products. Ecover's unique plant based formulations insure exceptional cleaning results. This unique product line offers many advantages that benefit people, animals and the environment. As a result, Ecover was recognized by the United Nations for their outstanding practical achievements for the protection and improvement of our environment. Ecover's ecological factory was built with a grass roof for insulation, wood from sustainable forest and bricks from coal mine waste. No animal testing. No chemical residue. Safe for septic tanks. Safe for all river and marine life. Optimum biodegradability. Vegan.






    Ecover, Inc.