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    Madagascar vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate wafers. USDA organic. 1% For the Planet member. Inconceivably delicious organic ice cream. Ice cream for acres. The traditional ice cream sandwich, with its chocolate wafers and vanilla ice cream, has become as ubiquitous as apple pie for some very good reasons. Sandwiches are quite delicious, convenient and oh-so fun. While there are a lot of different brands of these classics on the market, I think you'll love ours for the pure ingredients and utter deliciousness - all thanks to organic elements, including Madagascar vanilla. Our sandwiches are a full four ounces for a right-sized treat. Plus, they're wrapped in paper and not entombed in plastic. That traditional presentation facilities the nostalgic joy of peeling back the wrapper from an ice cream sandwich, while hearing the wrapper tear, and anticipating the tasty treat that awaits. On top of that goodness, Three Twins proudly funds the purchase of six square feet of land with each six-pack sold through our land conservation initiative, Ice Cream for Acres. Neal. Enjoy! Neal Gottlieb. Founding twin. 6 sq feet. Your purchase protects at least 6 square feet of land through Ice Cream for Acres. threetwinicecream.com. Three Twins Ice Cream certified organic by CCOF.






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