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    100th anniversary 1916 - 2016 Limited Edition family recipe. American Humane certified. USDA organic. Grade A pasteurized eggnog. Certified organic by QCS. www.Cloverpetaluma.com. 100% of Clover milk comes from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. 100 Years & Cownting: As we celebrate our moonumental 100 year anniversary, we're proud to reflect on the steadfast commitment that has made Clover what it is today. For three generations, we've made it our family business to produce the cleanest milk for our community, to humanely care for our cows, and to sustainably work with the land. We appreciate your loyalty in choosing Clover dairy products for your family. Holiday Traditions: Traditions are meaningful to us at Clover and the holiday tradition of drinking eggnog is one we look forward to each year. Our founding fathers used to craft their own private batch of brandy eggnog for the holidays. Each year they would hand deliver it to friends and customers as a personal thank you for their partnership. This special eggnog was never sold, but we encourage you to re-create it at home. Win Clover products and prized by submitting your favorite family traditions, recipes and photos at cloverpetaluma.com/familytradition. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!






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