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Mary’s Free Range Chicken & Turkey

The Best Quality Chicken & Turkeys We Could Find!

Mary's Organic ChickenMary Pitman’s study of nutrition for 20 years made her appreciate the importance of quality meat.  Her chickens get are fed an organic, vegetarian diet and are allowed to freely roam in an environment that is 4 times the average size of commercial ranches.  Third generation poultry raisers, the Pitman Family know how to raise chickens the old fashioned way, the most humane way. When Martin went to visit their ranch in central California, he was very impressed with how clean and nice the ranch was and what a wonderful environment the chicken grow up in.  That’s why we carry it in our store.  Keep an eye out for their turkeys during the Thanksgiving season!


Update: Goodwin’s Organics wants to make sure you get your turkeys for the holidays.

Available estimate sizes are: Small (6-12 lbs), Medium (12-15lbs), Large (16-18lbs).

We do ask for a small deposit of $10 for your purchase.

Please come into the store to RSVP your turkey. Make sure we take write down your information (Name, Last Name, Phone Number, E-mail, and size you would like to order.  Or e-mail Kaleb Goodwin at kaleb.goodwin@goodwinsorganics.com and make arrangements for the deposit.