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iStock_000005999492XXsmallOrganic Foods & Drinks.

It’s that simple.

Goodwin’s Organic Foods & Drinks made the decision to provide you with the comfort of knowing that no matter what foods or drinks you enjoy at our market or take home, you’re getting only the purest and most whole Organic foods and drinks available.

What difference does that make? A lot. Organic foods provide higher nutritional values. They contain virtually no chemical residues and disease-causing agents. And they have lower levels of nitrates, a chemical that in high amounts has been shown to cause cancer.

The bottom line is that God did a perfect job creating the food that sustains us, and our commitment is to deliver it to you just as He intended – without anything added or altered.

Nature also gave us a perfect eating plan – a natural color code! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue-Purple provide a guide for optimal health. We’ll be highlighting one of these colors each week along with the produce that they represent. You’ll find information about the foods that comprise each group and the benefits that they offer. And you’ll learn how to eat in such a way to vitalize your living, improving the quality of your life now – and contributing to your future longevity.