191 W. Big Springs Road
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 682-2667
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Store Location

191 West Big Springs Road, Riverside CA 92507

East of UCR, in the University Book Exchange Plaza.

Coming from the 60 Eastbound:

  1. Exit Blaine and make a left.  Past the Starbucks, you’ll come to some railroad tracks at Watkins.
  2. Make a right at Watkins and follow the hill down to the first stop sign, W. Big Springs. You’ll see a Star Video Sign in the plaza.
  3. Make a left on W Big Springs Rd, you’ll see us on the left.

Coming from 60 Westbound:

  1. Exit Central/Watkins, make a right.
  2. At W. Big Springs Rd, make a right.
  3. The store will be on your left.

Map( Google Map Link )