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Our Sandwiches

Sandwiches available after 10:30 am

Option 1: On the Go? Get a Pre-made Signature Sandwich!


Italian Salami Sandwich

Served on La Boulange’s Organic Baguette Rustique, with a drizzle of olive oil and italian herbs, red bell peppers, romaine lettuce, salami, and provolone cheese, lightly toasted to perfection!

Egg Salad Sandwich 2

Tuna, Chicken, or Egg Salad Sandwich

Premade with lettuce and tomato on the bread of the day

Option 2:
Made to Order, Just the Way You Like (All Organic Of Course)

Bread: Choose 1- Want it toasted? Just Ask!

Rudi's Bread

Nut & Oat
Honey Sweet Whole Wheat
Rocky Mountain Sourdough
Jewish Light Rye
Country Morning White
100% Whole Wheat

Spread: Choose As Many As You Please

Veggies: As Many As You Please

Cheese: Choose 1

Meat or Veggie: Choose 1