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Aqualita Water

wetter water
water filter

In our opinion, Aqualita is one of the purest waters you can get your hands on. Our customers seem to think so too because it’s one of our top selling products. Filtered through 7 titanium plates, the water is not only purified, but also charged with ions and filled with electrolytes to give you balanced natural energy. As opposed to most bottled water, which is slightly acidic or at best neutral, Aqualita is alkalized to have a pH of 9.5, helping your body flush out acids and stay in balance. Lastly, normal tap water is clustered in about 20 molecules. Aqualita is at about 5 molecules per cluster, so you really get better hydration with wetter water!! You’ll believe us when you try it for yourself.

In addition, our aqualita is triple filtered before it gets to our pH ionizer filter to make sure your water is free of the following:

Many of our customers like to bring back their empty bottles for refills. You can save $0.50 per bottle this way. Plus, Martin specifically chose bottles that could withstand up to 200 degrees heat so you can rest assured that you won’t get plastic leeching into your water on a hot day!