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We all know Starbucks has coffee,

but where can you find organic coffee for $2?

As Wholesome As Possible

Tell the Difference


Trying to kick the coffee habit?

Try our favorite herbal coffee: Teecino, with a little almond milk. Caffeine Free and Non-acidic- it’s so delicious, you’re body won’t know the difference.

Need an Energy Boost?

Try a Wheatgrass Cube: $1.11 for 1 oz/$2.00 for 2 oz/$3.00 for 3 oz.

Need a Boost?

For an additional $0.60, we’ll toss in some organic Shelled Hemp Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Garlic, or Ginger into your favorite fruit-infusion/juice. Just ask!

No Time For Juicing At Home?

For $1.50, we’ll juice your produce for you!  Saves you time and cleanup!  Just pick out your produce and when you pay, tell them you want it juiced.