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S is for Salts

Salt is good for you and we aren’t afraid to say It!

Table salt is processed, heated, bleached, iodized, and not only stripped of all nutrients, it actually leeches minerals from your body.  Real salt is one of the best sources of minerals for your body.  We recommend the following sources of salt:

Celery is a natural source of sodium!

It’s also ranked #1 on the Dirty Dozen, so make sure it’s organic!

Real Salt-

Mined from unadulterated salt beds in the mountains of Utah

Real Salt

Eden’s Grey Celtic Salt
Eden Sea Salt

HimalaSalt- Pink Sea Salt


pHour Salts –

It’s a combination of 4 “salts” but it tastes more like baking soda- recommend just putting it in water and drinking as a supplement, not really for cooking (See pH Miracle Products)