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O is for Oils

Not Margarine, Silly!

Would you ever run an engine without any lubrication?  The type of oil matters a lot. Anything partially or fully hydrogenated is a source of trans fats.

Healthy oils are essential for hormone balance, brain function, and healthy cells.  The best sources of oil in our opinion are from avocados, chia seeds, and coconuts.  Extra Virgin Olive oil and flax seed oil are good too, as long as they are cold pressed and unprocessed.  Be careful with flax: you never want to cook with it or expose it to light/heat; it can go rancid very easily. If you really like nuts and seeds, stick with raw almonds and pumpkin seeds, they are the least acidic.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil & Coconut Butter

What’s the difference? Coconut Butter has some coconut meat in it so it’s got a heavier yet smooth consistency.
Both are solid at room temperature but let the coconut oil sit it out on a window sill under the sun and you’ll instantly get oil!


Avocado, Avocado Oil

Eat it whole, mash it up, or buy the oil and use it in cooking or salad dressing.
To find out recipes and tips about avocado’s visit see the Avocado Handout we passed out during the
Avocado Extravaganza!

avo oil