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C is for Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is Like Liquid Sunshine…

It’s amazing that plants can use chlorophyll to literally turn sunlight into energy via photosynthesis (we’ll spare you the biology lecture).  Even molecularly, chlorophyll’s structure is almost identical to hemoglobin’s molecular structure.  The only difference is chlorophyll has magnesium as its center while hemoglobin has iron as its center.


Think Green

No wonder why eating our greens is so good for us!  Anything that is green is full of chlorophyll (green eggs and ham may be an exception).

Sometimes, we tell customers to try juicing their greens.  You can purchase a juicer or just buy your groceries here and we can juice them for you! (It’s just a $1.50 extra) We’ve had customers tell us that celery and carrot juiced together tastes like chocolate milk…guess you’ll have to give that one a shot!  Other people love to juice kale, spinach, cucumbers.  A little parsley goes a long ways and easy on the fresh beet juice, some people say it’s better to let beet juice sit an hour before drinking it.  Of course juicing green colored vegetables are always your safest bet to ensure a megadose of healthy chlorophyll.  You can also make green smoothies.  Don’t be afraid to experiment for yourself: add some ginger or lemon to add some zest!

Other great sources of chlorophyll are wheatgrass, barley grass, and organic green powders.  Martin says the best sources he recommends are Sweet Wheat in capsule form and Evergreen WheatGrass Juice (flash-frozen in cubes on site as soon as they harvest it, found in the freezer section).  He also likes BarleyMax by Hallelujah Acres.

Sweet Wheat
wheatgrass juice
barley max