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  • Goodwin's Organic Foods & Drinks
  • 191 W. Big Springs Road, Riverside, CA, 92507
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    Naturally good new Mexican cuisine. Santa Fe style. USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. Vegan friendly. Certified organic by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. The Story of Our Tamales: True to tradition, we're still making tamales the way our family did over 60 years ago, choosing time-honored methods over shortcuts. Our masa starts with organic and non-GMO whole kernel corn, steeped slowly to gently retain the corn's natural goodness, and ground with ancient lava stones. We fill the tamales with a zesty combination of New Mexican chile peppers and wholesome vegetables and hand wrap each one. The result is the quintessential tamale, full-bodied with authentic New World flavors and a delicate texture. Proudly made by the Baca Family. Hand-etched ancient lava stones. Santa Fe Style Tamales: Santa Fe, an ageless multicultural mecca known for it's rich cultural heritage, boasts a vibrantly unique culinary scene inspired by Native, Mexican and Spanish influences. Stone ground corn and toasted chile peppers, iconic staples of the region, are combined with wonderful spices introduced by Spanish settlers over 400 years ago to create the New Mexican Tamale. We invite you to enjoy a celebration of flavors as rich as the cultural heritage from which they spring!






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