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    Sweet, firm, restaurant quality selects. All natural seafood. Committed to sustainable seafood. See back panel. 17 g protein. Low in fat. 125 mg omega-3. Recipe ideas & more. See back panel. Sea scallops have a sweet taste that is mildly fragrant of the ocean. Their firm drum-shaped meats are a creamy to pinkish white that turns opaque when cooked. The plump and singular nature of scallops makes them a wonderfully versatile seafood with regard to portioning and recipes. They're a cinch to bread and fry & are practically made for skewering. Sauteing or stir frying is simple as the scallops easily tumble about in a hot skillet or wok. HACCP: Packed and inspected under HACCP guidelines. Discover more recipe ideas & see our full line of all natural seafood selections at All natural seafood. It's as simple as black & white! Make the Orca Bay whale your guide to delicious seafood choices, 100% free of artificial preservatives, colors or trans fats. Let 2 servings of all natural seafood a week put your diet on a healthy course while opening up a world of great tasting, memorable meals. Orca Bay is committed to environmental stewardship & sustainable fisheries management to ensure healthy stocks for generations to come. We commission and support studies to evaluate scientific data on the fisheries from which we source product. This constantly updated information helps us identify & target sustainable, well managed harvests. We welcome your comments 1-800-932-Orca. Visit us at Product of Peru.






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    Orca Bay Seafoods