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    Grab Green® Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods Tangerine With Lemongrass. Naturally-derived ingredients. Non-toxic formula. Super cleaning. Powerful grease removal. Brilliant shine. 24 Loads. Formulated for standard machine and elegant European model. 432 g (15.2 oz). Highly concentrated dishwashing detergent pods. Free of phosphates. No chlorine or dyes. True transparency: We want you to know what's inside and why! Sodium citrate - cleans. Sodium carbonate peroxide - cleans & removes greasy stuff. Sodium sulfate - absorbs excess water. Sodium carbonate - water softener. Sodium silicate - cleans. Linear alcohol ethoxylate - cleans. Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate - removes calcium & other minerals from water. Hydrated silica - anti-caking. Sodium polyaspartate - prevents food from resticking. Fragrance - contains a blend of tangerine, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils and safer man-made ingredients to ensure a consistent scent. Alpha-amylase enzyme blend - removes starches. Protease enzyme blend (subtilisin) - removes grease and proteins. Polyvinyl alcohol - forms the pod. No animal testing. Grab Green® has a complete collection of naturally-derived home cleaning products. Please recycle. Questions or Comments Call at 888-841-GRAB (4722). ©2015 Maddiebrit Products, LLC.






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