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    Gourmet sauces. Gluten & dairy free. Vegan. USDA organic. Organic means no GMOs. A family owned business. Certified organic by QAI. Please recycle. Check website for recipes. Certified organic: Quality Assurance International. Don't panic - it's organic. Santa Maria marinade means lots of garlic, onions, pepper, herbs & olive oil - something to really wake up your senses! As a child who grew up in a farming community, I remember gleaning the fields with my nana after harvest time & taking the bounty back to her outdoor kitchen to be canned or made into savory sauces. Following in her footsteps, my family & I have delighted in preparing & cooking fresh, locally grown foods ever since. We have recreated our favorite marinade so you too can enjoy its lively, farm-fresh flavors. Fast & easy, Web Rubz allows you to spend more time with the people you love & less time in the kitchen. Our favorite cut is a beef tri tip, but Wet Rubz is just as delicious on chicken, pork or shrimp! - Chef Andy. Facebook. Twitter. Made in USA.






    A & A Organic Farms


    Wet Rubz