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    Replaceable head toothbrush. Source Toothbrush will do a superb job of cleaning your teeth and massaging your gums. The handle is made form renewable plant sources such as corn, trees, and wood fiber. The lightweight head is replaceable. Handle: Made from 100% renewable plant source. We mold these in our factory in Kutztown. Replacement head- allows you to replace only the part of a toothbrush that wears out. The head weighs just 1/5 the weight of a standard brush and is small enough to discard. Bristles radiate from the head- giving a substantial bristle tip area for a small head size- makes brushing teeth and gums more effective. Right or Left hand- to orientate head- face hand symbol at top of handle that corresponds to your hand (right or left) as if that hand's palm is facing you - insert the head such that the bristles face you. Replace head - pull shaft of the head away with a sharp tug - head will detach. Place connector of new head into socket at top of handle and push until you feel a positive click and the head is fully seated. Replace head at 90 days. Made in USA.